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How to Burn the Most Effective Body Fat.?

How to Burn the Most Effective Body Fat? Natural and Good for Anyone
How to Burn the Most Effective Body Fat.?

Hallo everyone, welcome! Today I will discuss body fitness. Are you in a weight loss program? Or are you wanting to remove excess fat in your body?

Make sure you have a good and right plan to achieve that goal. The body part that is most often a place for gathering fat is the stomach and waist. How do you reduce the stomach without having to suffer from hunger?

We must know the concept first correctly because it is useless if it is done in the origin of capital "he said". There will be no satisfactory results. For example, you go on a diet with foods that burn fat. Good, but that's not enough!

In fact, there is no food that can burn fat directly. But there are foods that contain good fat. As well as food or drinks that increase the body's metabolism so that it can help to destroy fat.

What fat must be burned? Scroll to the next paragraph.

Types of Body Fat

Before you make the determination to burn fat, you should first identify the types of fat. This introduction is important to be able to set a joss strategy. Consider the following explanation;

1. Subcutaneous fat

What is subcutaneous fat? So, subcutaneous fat is fat that is located below the surface of the skin. Do you know? About 80% of all body fat is subcutaneous fat.

2. Visceral fat

What is visceral fat? Visceral fat is a type of fat stored in the abdominal cavity and surrounds a number of important organs such as the heart, liver, pancreas and intestines.

3. Essential Fats

What is essential fat? Well, essential fat is a type of fat that has an important role for human life. Essential fats function to regulate body temperature, maintain body cell structure, maintain hormonal balance, and help vitamin absorption function.

4. White Fat (Adipocyte Fat)

White fat is a type of fat that has white cells due to the low density of mitochondria and blood vessels. Its function is to store energy and hormone formation. Damage to this fat can cause obesity in someone.

5. Chocolate Fat

Chocolate fat is fat that has a mitochondrial layer which causes brown color. The specialty of this fat is that it can burn calories derived from white fat.

6. Creamy Fats

This fat is unique because it is formed from a combination of brown fat and white fat. The formation process is when you are exercising.

Now that's the types of fat that reside in your body. Have you known everyone? Now let me ask, which of the above types of fat should be discarded?

Exactly! The answers are visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. Don't get it wrong because it can cause problems. Sob! This is where the importance of understanding basic information before doing an action.

How to Burn Fat Effectively

If you already know what fat you have to get pretty, now I want to ask again. Did you know how to burn the fat? How to burn fat on the thighs, in the abdomen, at the waist, or on the cheeks even though I will tell.

First of all I will divide the subject into 2 first. Agree huh? The problem is that if you don't share your fear it will make you confused.

1. Subcutaneous fat

This fat is perched in the stomach and around the organs in your body. You could say this is the most dangerous fat because it can cause a variety of serious diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart attacks.

People with high subcutaneous fat are characterized by thick and large stomachs. At a glance, his appearance is like a mother who is pregnant. If left for a long time, this fat can threaten your life.

The best way to get rid of it is to burn fat every day that focuses on physical activity. You do not have to do special exercises to burn fat in certain parts with certain movements because any movement can be done.

Doing any physical activity that can make the body sweat will burn up the subcutaneous fat deposits in your body. Your stomach will automatically shrink by itself over time.

Well, if all this time you think that burning fat must be with a movement focused on only certain parts of the body, throw away that thought. Just walking can burn your belly fat.

2. Visceral fat

The second type is visceral fat which is located under the skin layer. This fat has the highest amount, reaching 80% of the total fat in the human body. If the amount of fat is high, the skin will thicken due to being coated with fat.

Visceral fat is the type that can be eliminated by burning fat without exercise. To be able to bulldoze the fat under this skin layer, just focus on the diet. What does it mean to diet?

Yes right, but not a diet that limits some types of food and multiplies several other types. The diet I mean here is to apply a healthy and balanced diet. Like what?

Follow the guidelines for this simple healthy diet;
  • Sufficient water needs
  • Limit your intake of sugar and salt
  • Keep eating Karbo to taste
  • Fruits and vegetables cannot be missed
  • Increase vegetable protein (can be as much as animal)
  • Consumption of good fats (olives, avocados)
  • Also read: Burn Fat with Avocado Fruit

Visceral fat will automatically disappear when you make a good and right diet. So, you don't need to worry about exercising desperately if the problem you are facing is just fat under the skin.

How to Burn Fat with Sports

This bonus is for dear readers. I will give some good exercise movements to increase fat burning. This can be practiced for those with problems with subcutaneous fat.

1. Jogging

This sport is very famous and I'm sure you must know how to do it. Simply walking or jogging around the housing complex can burn some fat in your stomach.

2. Gymnastics

Activities such as physical fitness exercises that are routinely held every Sunday can be started from now. Besides removing distended stomachs, you can also get new friends there.

3. Mopping the Floor

Maybe this activity sounds a bit strange to be called a sport. But mopping requires movement that involves all your limbs. The floor is clean and the stomach can be flat again.

4. Badminton

Badminton games are very fun to do in the morning and evening. This game will force you to run back and forth and even jump to win the game. Do it with loved ones so that you are more excited!

5. Cycling

Gowes around the complex with friends will be fun. Pedaling a bicycle will also make your whole body move. Unwittingly, body fat burns and melts little by little.

6. Walking

You don't misread! Just walking alone is also very effective you know to burn fats that are not needed by the body. To further maximize the effect, you can go through more varied fields.

7. Playing with children

If you have small children or nieces who are still toddlers, taking advantage of playing time with them can also be an option. Small children are usually very active and this will force you to move along. Without feeling you have burned many calories all day.

Those are some examples of daily activities that can be considered as an alternative to burning body fat. Besides being easy, the above method is also fun to do. It will definitely not feel when you're in sports! Does anyone have another idea.

Body Signs Are Burning Fat

After making the above efforts, there must be a sense of curiosity, about how to find out if the fat in the body is or is already burning? What are the signs?

The combustion process is identical to the heat in the body. Is it true that the heat you sometimes feel is a sign that the body is burning excess fat? The fact is, it's not that easy to determine.

Rather than continuing to be snared by curiosity and kept wondering what sign the body is burning fat, it helps you see some of the following points. This is the benchmark that your body fat has burned.

  1. Weight loss. Although weight loss is not always synonymous with reduced body fat, burning fat will also make you lose weight. It's just that the mass is not too significant because basically fat is relatively mild.
  2. Waist circumference shrinks. Fat accumulation is most often collected in the stomach and waist. Consider your waist size. If it looks smaller than before, this is a strong signal that your body fat has burned.
  3. The clothes feel loose. As your weight decreases and your fat mass decreases, your old, narrow clothes will feel looser.
  4. People start commenting if you look thinner. This is the effect when people around you begin to realize the changes in your body become slimmer and proportionate.
  5. Health is increasing. With excess fat loss in the body, your body will become much healthier and fit.
  6. Not easily hungry. When the amount of bad fat in the body decreases, you will not be easily hungry like before.
  7. Don't like sweet foods like before. People who are overweight tend to like sweet foods. When you lose weight, this habit will shrink little by little.
  8. Have a decreased amount of fat when checked in the laboratory. Well, the latter is the most scientific sign because it must be done through laboratory tests.
  9. Feeling happier. Whether it has something to do or not, but when the amount of stubborn fat in the stomach starts to thin out, this heart feels happier than usual.

That's 9 signs if your body's fat has burned. Have you started to feel one of them? Or maybe you actually have a different experience with me?


Excessive weight left for a long time will indeed be more difficult to control. But if you have strong determination then there is no more difficult term. Everything will feel easy. Trust me

If you want to get maximum results you should do all of the above at once. Thus, at the same time you burn visceral and subcutaneous fat at once.

So that the desired results in the form of an ideal body can be achieved more quickly. The trick is also relatively easy. You only need to do enough activities and eat a healthy balanced diet. Simple right ?!

Okay, that was a scratch for today. Hopefully this article is useful and see you again in the next article. God willing! If you have questions related to this article, please leave a message in the comments column below.

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