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How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful at All Ages

How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful at All Ages. Very Recomended

How To Keep Your Skin Beautiful at All Ages

How to care for skin to stay young. Having always beautiful and youthful skin is a dream for every woman. Millions of people every day look for the best way to treat body skin. Different ages, different ways to care for them. From the age of 20 to 60 your skin care must be adjusted to the needs of the skin in each age range.

Generally cleaning products, fresheners and moisturizers are basic skin care that must be applied every day. The type of product needed by each individual depends on their age and skin type. To find a skin care set that can work effectively in your current age range, read the following guidelines.

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Skin Care for Women in their 20s

The age of 20 is the initial time to determine what skin care will be used for life. Throughout these years, you should continue to treat the skin as much as possible so that it will remain springy and healthy for longer.

At this time, your skin is still at its best. The skin is at a high level of collagen, low levels of sun damage, and has a healthy luster. These conditions not infrequently lull you to the point of aging.

During these years, the main complaint is the problem of acne. The acne factor makes you panic excessively. Because of panic, many women in their 20s use products that actually make their skin dry and lack of natural oil production.

Do you think that oil free products that make stiff skin are the most appropriate anti-acne treatment solution for your acne problem? When you do this, the sebaceous glands will produce more oil in response to the oil deficiency that occurs. As a result, pimples appear.

To get beautiful skin in your 20s, you need to use soft skin care products. Anti wrinkle based cleaners are not needed at this time. Instead, you should use a gentle cleanser and moisturizer and contain at least SPF 15 or more.

These periods should be more focused on the prevention of sun damage and applying mild moisturizers with SPF content to maintain moisture and protect against UV rays. At night, an oil-free moisturizer containing retinoids will work well to treat acne.

This type of product will also help stimulate collagen formation in the skin while preventing wrinkles from forming. The amount of collagen is a measure of elasticity and smoothness of your skin. This product can be applied to the entire surface of the face.

These are some skin care tips for those of you who are in their 20s. One more thing that needs to be known by women in their 20s. The use of eye cream is not yet needed in this age range of 20s unless premature aging has occurred.

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How to stop signs of aging in your 30s

After entering your 30s, you women may begin to see fine lines and wrinkles in some corners of the face. Although initially it seems vague but black spots that appear at this age can develop into uneven skin tone.

For those with white skin the appearance of brown stains and reddish skin color will be more clearly seen. This 30s period is marked by a gradual decrease in the amount of collagen. Substitution of dead skin cells will run slower.

The skin will also look more dull. These signs can be overcome with a soft exfoliant / peeling application. As an alternative, retinoids can also be used. Otherwise the cleanser, moisturizer and night cream can also be relied on.

At the age of 30 women should use a morning cleanser containing AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid). Products with ingredients like this will help accelerate the process of exfoliating dead skin cells effectively.

In the evening you can simply use a creamy cleanser. Moisturizers used must also provide excellent protection against UVA / UVB exposure. Don't forget besides UV filters the antioxidant content is also important.

The antioxidant content will prevent further damage to the skin. Eye cream with the content of hydroquinon or kojic acid should be used only for limited handling of dark circles on the eyes.

If your eyes are marsupial, you can choose eye cream with caffeine content. This type of eye cream is intended to overcome such problems. Caffeine will work effectively in your bloated eye bags.

For night treatment before going to sleep, enough with night cream or serum, which must contain retinoids.

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Skin Care for the 40s

Entering your 40s, sun damage that occurs throughout your youth will begin to appear. This will manifest in red spots or blackish brown spots on the cheek or forehead area.

The 40s in general will be marked by a significant loss of collagen loss. This causes the skin to become drier and lower skin elasticity. The skin will begin to look dull and lose its light.

To help the skin maintain its beauty, you must use a cleanser that is creamy (cream-based) such as milk cleanser in the morning and evening. This also needs to be followed by the use of a moisturizer with a SPF content of 15 or more.

For optimal results, your moisturizer should contain two types of antioxidants such as peptide and shea butter. In other words, you are advised to use a moisturizer with 2 different antioxidant ingredients.

The different antioxidant content is designed to help different skin problems. Ideally this moisturizer is used only once every two days. In addition to the face, your body moisturizer should also contain shea butter.

Moisturizers with peptide content can overcome the problem of decreasing collagen while shea butter is very good for moisturizing. For the best choice night care is a product with retinoid content.

This will help accelerate the process of exfoliating dead skin cells, reduce black spots, and restore skin damaged by solar radiation. If the retinoid is too hard for your skin, use it once every two days each night.

Such is the skin care regimen for those of you who have entered their 40s.

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Skin Care for the 50s and Onwards

Even though you have entered your 50s, you still have the opportunity to prevent further skin damage caused by sunlight. It's not too late to treat skin.

At this age the process of changing dead skin cells will run slower. Another problem that may occur is that the skin becomes very dry and may also become elastic. Wrinkles, varicose veins, and age spots may begin to appear. Likewise, menopause can have an impact on the occurrence of dry skin and acne.

For the 50s and beyond, a soap-formulated cleanser must be used every morning and night. After that the serum must be applied immediately when the face is still moist, for example, shortly after washing your face.

Serum is more easily absorbed by the skin than moisturizers. Make sure the serum must contain antioxidants. After the use of serum, SPF moisturizers should be used. At night creams with retinol content will provide extra moisture.

In your 50s, besides moisturizing your skin it can also help the skin to keep getting the best appearance by avoiding sunbathing. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays that are high directly on the skin is one of the top causes of aging and wrinkles.

If you plan to spend time outdoors, sunscreen is a mandatory thing to take. Laying sunscreen on the skin limits the damage caused by sun exposure and ensures that your skin will look several years younger than actual age.

As you get older, remember to use products that help the body produce and produce collagen. If the skin does not show signs of sun damage such as black spots, the second sign of aging that will be immediately apparent is wrinkles.

Although it is not possible to stop aging, an adequate skin care series will help reduce the appearance of wrinkles too early. As a bonus, proper treatment will also increase the natural luster of the skin.

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Hopefully this article is useful and good luck trying the tips. If you have questions, criticisms, or suggestions regarding this article please leave a message in the comments column.

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