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Overcoming stress by Shouting

Overcoming stress by Shouting

STRESS can hardly be separated from the modern lifestyle that is full of demands and the tension situation that follows. Every line of modern human life is always smeared with various pressures that make you tired and uncomfortable.

John, W. Santrock, a developmental psychologist who defines stress as an individual's response to the environment and events, or better known as a stressor, which we consider threatening, tense and requires our ability to overcome them. Starting from the issue of rising fuel prices, soaring prices of daily necessities, targets of work that are not met until the complexity of the relationship with family or friends is an example. Substantially stress is a stressful external condition, not expected by someone, and tends to make yourself uncomfortable.

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There is no objective threshold for determining the situation as a stressor, but subjective stress experienced by a person can trigger a series of negative impacts. Crowley Jack, Phd, a psychologist from Western Washington University, explained that psychologically, stress can trigger anxiety, loss of passion, depression, even increased aggressiveness. While physically stress can lead to tension instability, digestive disorders, decreased immunity, and accelerated aging, even cancer.

Various techniques have been developed to manage stress so that the bad effects don't spread into negative things. Starting from spiritual-cultural techniques; meditation, aroma therapy, breathing until modern psychology techniques: counseling, refreshing techniques, cognitive manipulation or paradigm transformation methods.

The emergence of this approach can be seen in various offers of healing programs, personality development training or various counseling programs offered by many psychology bureaus. Nor can it be denied that most stress reduction techniques that are currently developing cannot be accessed by all people, because of various limitations, perhaps because of the exclusivity of service providers.

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Well, there are actually other stress reduction methods that are natural and definitely accesible for all, namely shouting (shout a loud). Naturally, every person must have done it in various ways when experiencing tension. Dr. Vincent Tuason, director of the department of psychiatry Paul Ramseu Medical Center Minesota, explained that shouting is a mechanism for reducing tension and natural discomfort.
When we are depressed and in an unbearable condition, we usually become more stable after shouting. Cries are a release of tension (chatarsis). While Prof. Jeffrey Lohr, from J William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, explained that shouting provides a sensation of tense muscles that are stretched by stressful conditions.

Some cultural evidence about the habit of shouting as a mechanism of self-calm has been carried out by various nations before this century. People living in the South Pacific Solomon Islands make the habit of shouting as a cultural tradition when they are frustrated and have difficulties.

When they experience tension, climbing trees and shouting as loudly as possible is believed to provide inner enlightenment that leads to creativity. Mid-Persians used to chant prayers in a loud voice to achieve self-tranquility and transcendent ecstasy.

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Of course, in today's modern environment, we cannot shout at will because around us is crowded with the presence of others. Yelling primitive will only create new tension with other people who feel disturbed, and even stress will increase.

Shouting when stress needs to be done correctly and in the right place. Anand Krishna, a holistic healing practitioner in the Atma Bodha Book explained that we can shout off tension by sitting on the ground in comfortable places like beaches, mountains and other comfortable places. In those places we can shout freely. Perhaps this is a suggestion to shout that suits our current condition.

Tension, pressure, demands in our environment that interfere with personal comfort are probably a necessity of modernity, but blessed are those who can still shout sincerely.

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